About Jo

Jo rock pic

You’ve reached Jo, the one with the whimsically cryptic blog title. Once upon a time I painted my name on a big rock. Don’t believe me? See the picture above. Gotta love college towns rich in quirky tradition. I happened to have the paint and brushes stored in my trunk at the time, with no premeditation for rock painting. Gotta love grad. school living, and the serendipity of long term trunk storage.

These random happenings of daily life, and their resulting art forms? It’s the stuff a blog is made of– this blog, in fact. Consider this space set apart for creativity, artistic pursuits, and new and old friends alike. I’m glad you’ve stopped by, and look forward to connecting with you!


3 thoughts on “About Jo

  1. As a Kiwi – I am intrigued by your blog name – are you/were you one too?

    • I love the artistry of the fruit– it wasn’t until I’d acquired the name that a friend revealed its other meanings. I think a trip is definitely in order at some point to better claim the name. I’d love your further wisdom to round out this space!

  2. carolyn Maynard

    Finally managed to see your full blog, I think. You are so talented and original. . This has to be lots of work. See you soon. Carolyn

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