Meeting Kindreds

I met a group of kindreds at the International Quilt Market in Houston a few weeks back. There are six in our small tribe, and you will continue to hear bits and baubles about each as this blog moves forward. They, you see, are my goal setters. Tomorrow, in fact, Brooke hopes to write a bit about the group. Have you found me through her words? If so, “Welcome!” Feel free to ‘follow’ me now and watch this eclectic ship of a blog sail onward. You can be one of the first! An illustrious feat for an otherwise ordinary Wednesday.

(I could tell you of my plans, but then what fun would it be to adventure alongside me? Jump aboard– the wind is kicking up!)

The group:

Brooke @

Becca @

Tammy @

Julie @

Sally @

We’ll be doing a challenge using Moda fabric by V. and Company [Vanessa @]

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Kindreds

  1. You are awesome!!! I am so blessed to have met and connected with you!!!

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