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Oh, ya!

That’s right, I started a blog…apparently I’m prone to forgetting, as the month-ish sabbatical demonstrates. I’m now writing from the ipad mini you see before you– perhaps it’s crazy-easy portability will help me stay better in touch? We’ll have to see…
Jo's ipad mini case
I made it a cool case over Christmas- I believe it was the Boho fabric line Moda put out this last year sometime. Jane, the shop’s Moda rep., gave me a charm pack before the line was even officially out… which I liked so much I was reticent to put it to use. Odd how we do that to ourselves sometimes–cherish some things so much that they become burdens rather than joys. No more! This little pack was just the thing for this project, with Annie’s Soft & Stable and a bit of terry cloth lining for good measure. The diagonal closure flap I particularly like, as well as the fabric on the back:
These blues and greens are more in line with my favorite palette, you see.  I put in a wee zipper to hold the power chords– felt pretty clever, you know. All in all a successful improv case. I’d write a tutorial for it if the task didn’t feel so daunting, and my timeline on other projects were not approaching nearly so quickly. Onward and upward.

Happy Saturday!

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